Monday, August 16, 2010

Thoughts on Inspired Design - Mona

Greetings Friends!
It's been a while since I posted anything here of a personal nature! I'm so wrapped up in doing the shows, editing images, creating videos, that I rarely have time to breath! I have the day off from work today and there is something that needs saying!

The idea that inspiration is hardly worth considering at all is exactly the kind of mentality that degrades the value of the inspired work of artisans by society and has people hacking out below par design work because they don't explore from within as they work. If creating was easy everyone would be doing it. If inspired work didn't exist there would be no differentiation in the quality and admirability of works at large.

That thing that happens in our heads that helps us design things with long enduring intellectual properties may be called anything we like, but it can never be called common or unnecessary.

This I can say with some authority as in my own experience I have made things that were uninspired and created designs via inspiration. I've also witnessed this phenomenon in others as well. These two processes are not exclusive of one another, making versus creating. You may begin to make something and then become inspired...that's when what you initially began to make morphs into something else but you like it better! Alternately you may have an inspired design that you tinker and mentally outmaneuver until it becomes less than it began. That's always a let down. If you have been at it long enough, you'll have experienced all of these things!
You may find yourself moved to create by your own dream or another's. You may be moved to create by visions of exciting architectural elements or a visit to a rose garden. Inspiration may come from anywhere at all! Don't live at your work table or in your studio. Get out and experience some life so that you have more to enjoy and more to share!
If you haven't been designing long I hope you find encouragement from my observations to reach within and bring those special visions of yours out and into the world where we may all enjoy the beauty of what and how you think!

With Love,

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