Saturday, September 18, 2010

Invitation for a Collaboration - Holiday in Jewels

You're invited to join us in a collaborative activity called "Holiday in Jewels". Our group has done this project for two years in a row and it's been a really beautiful and exciting sharing experience.  The invitation is for independent jewelry artists, creating one of a kind work, to submit up to three designs for a holiday themed on-line jewelry show and holidy jewelry video to be uploaded to YouTube!  You can see previous videos to get an idea of what the videos look like. The broadcast room of The Jewelry Connection is
This is where the holiday jewelry show will be hosted.

Submissions must be in to me via my email address: by November 14th and the jewelry show will be presented on November 21st. That allows 4 and 1/2 weeks of shopping for our fans to see the video, visit our shops, make their purchases, and get items shipped.
To Participate:
1. pictures need to by at 300dpi and no smaller than 600 x 600 pixels
2. up to three submissions per artist
3. include with your email, name, location, website
4. send all to
5. Deadline for submissions November 14th 2010

Looking forward to sharing in this holiday adventure with you!
Best Regards,
Mona Hair
Producer and Host of The Jewelry Connection