Sunday, January 06, 2013

New Endeavors in 2012

This year I have been moved to create in a whole new way!!!

Playing with light, color, texture, and dimension has never been more fun for many than now! Playing with different types of yarns, I've found a new avenue for self expression in wearable art! It's allowed me to create all of my Christmas gifts for family and friends this year! It's also helped me to augment my wardrobe with plush delicious designs that flatter my face and mask my chubby and totally kissable little neck! LOL
Hope you enjoy the pictures, Much more to come! I've thus far knitted and/or crocheted fingerless mittens in several styles, plus scarves, hats, infinity scarves, and ear warmers! I'm LOVING IT!

 My First pair of slippers!!!!!!! I'm so proud!!!!