Tuesday, August 17, 2010

Papier (Paper) Mache' in Jewelry

Something interesting and a throw back to the 60's and 70's is the subject of use of paper mache' in wearable art.

What's interesting about paper mache' wearable art?

1. Ingredients are inexpensive and are probably in your home right
2. The process goes way back in the history of wearable art!
3. The possibilities are endless for making jewelry, beads, and
masks of all sorts!
4. It can be molded into forms for solid/dense structures of design
5. It can be used to create a base design the over-layed with ornamented
scale work and other designs to create textural excitement and dimensional effects!

It is recommended in various different sites that adding a touch of salt or a few drops of Clove oil will retard growth of mold in the glue, but consider the other possibilities! Perhaps some chocolate scent in a dark brown flower of paper mache', or a magnolia scent in a gorgeous big brooch of a similar design!

It's a creative outlet that offers almost immediate gratification, allows anyone to indulge in a creative attempt, and can even be a terrific family project ---creating gifts for loved ones. Designs in any style are possible! Try something Pop Art, Romantic, Contemporary, Cubist, Religious, ......RUN WITH IT!
Please let me know what you do with this! I would love to see pictures!

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Love To All!

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