Sunday, June 01, 2008

Videos and Live Broadcasting

Wow! It's been a while since I added anything to this site! It's been a very very busy year for me! In January of 2008 I began hosting a live on-line radio talk show at the link provided in the title of this blog! The broadcast is The Jewelry Connection at . I've been interviewing and promoting independent jewelry designers from across the US! Programs broadcast on Sunday afternoons at 12pm PST, 2pm CST, or 3pm EST depending on where you live. The range of mediums that the artists work in is amazing! Chain maille, polymer clay, french beaded floral work with jewelry application, fine beaded work, lampworked glass in jewelry design, fine metal and gemstone runs the gamut in content! There's a pod caster there to replay previous broadcasts and the site is loaded with pictures videos, music files...I even have the good fortune to have a professional singer donating music for the website and I am delighted to have an opportunity to promote him there as well! Ed Rambeau, of has been a tremendous contributor of musical entertainment for the program in the form of videos and MP3s. Ed's a veteran performer! As a singer, song writer, and actor, Ed has played broadway. Ed's been in the entertainment business for many years and is just as vibrant and shining today as ever. He released a new cd about 2 weeks ago and is almost finished with another one! He's also one of the warmest, friendliest, kindest, and most talented people that I have ever had the pleasure to get to know. Please visit his website! His list of cd's is quite impressive! A link to his fan club is there as well! He's the kind of person everyone is always very pleased to know. A genuinely fine man with an equally genuine talent!

It's been a great learning experience for me and a wonderful way to promote my peers in jewelry design! In the process of all of this broadcasting business I have discovered I have a talent for putting together some very nice video presentations by beginning with a lot of still shot photos, then panning and zooming the pictures to add "life" and motion to them! I'll post a few here so that you can get some idea of what I am talking about! These are some of the presentation videos that I created for guest artist for my live broadcasts! If you're an independent artist that produces one of kind inspired design work, I would love to interview you at the site! Email me and I'll tell you all about how to do it.
There are several things that prevent a solo artist from becoming successfull.
A few of those things are abscence of name recognition, inability to travel to shows, and prohibitively expensive advertising.
Several things about the process of doing these interviews aides in all of those problematic areas. First, the videos for the guest artists are posted at in advance of the scheduled program to encourage visitors to the broadcast. The videos also provide long term soft advertising for the designer's websites because the point of sales web address is included in the credits at the end of the videos.
Second, the broadcast is audio archived to a podcaster that may be picked up and embedded any place that anyone might one to share the broadcasts with on personal website pages or anywhere else on the "net" that one might wish to place a podcaster. Those podcasters go Live during the Live broadcast, and then the broadcasts appear on the podcaster by date, as replayabe archives.
Third, the artist and the producer (me)promotes the upcoming program, notifying everyone he or she wishes to, about the upcoming live broadcasted interview. I also send out about 60-80 invitations for each broadcast to people that I already know want to attend these types of programs. I also announce the upcoming events at my blogs and other sites where I have a stream of public contact! So, in this brief nut shell description, you can see how this might promote fresh new traffic to an online designer's shop site, develop some name recongition, and develop a continuos soft sale advertising via continuous interest in the videos posted at! You can visit all of the presentation videos at
The best part of all is this. Independent jewelry designers are fascinating people with fascinating creative minds. They pour their lives into producing inspired work that is very worthwhile of notice. Their inventive creativeness is a very fine expression of what is best in human create, with contemplated, inspired, artistic expression. They make beauty...they create! They move society with inspiration, beauty, and entertainment. These are noble deeds and independent jewelry designers are not recognized nearly often enough! That's the primary reason why I launched the idea of an on-line radio talk show. The public deserves to meet and get to know who these talented people are and to discover what it means to create with vision, inspiration, and technical skill.