Saturday, August 25, 2007

Wire Wrapped Floral Necklaces

Wire wrapping floral necklaces is a time consuming and humbling effort. Planning the design carefully with regard to color, texture, and weight pays off if some time is spent in the planning phase. This is true, particularly, if you are planning to work with fine metals such as Gold or Silver wire and gemstones, when waste and error can be costly! I recommend a book by M.T. Ryan titled, "Glamorous Beaded Jewelry". Instructionals in how to wire briolette shaped items such as glass or gemstones is very well presented here and while the projects in this style are very limited, the experience gained from those projects allow one to expand and develop the initial ideas into designs that are more personalized and more embellished! The necklace on view here is created with Sterling Silver, Moonstones, Amethysts, Cultured Pearls, and discs of Jade.