Thursday, August 26, 2010

Free Tutorial Live on Sunday August 29th - Polymer Bracelet

On Sunday afternoon August 29th, 2010
Show Time: 12pm PST, 1pm MT, 2pm CST, 3pm EST, 9pm in Europe, and 8pm in The UK
This is an on-line presentation with live video and audio. High speed computer access is necessary to participate during the show.
Dial up is so slow that the audio and video will not stream well.

...We'll be hosting a tutorial in the broadcast room of The Jewelry Connection!
People have been requesting this tutorial for a while and I've been dodging it until I could get a good archive on it. Now that we are getting great archives at our new home I'm going to break out the toys and host a tutorial on this project! Pictures of similar bracelets are exhibited here!

A list of supplies and tools for this project if you want to follow along:

Clay - Sculpey
Pearl-X powders - lots of colors - $26-$50
Pasta roller - $27.00
Wheel embosser - Rollagraph jumbo $6.00 for handle
Shadow Leaves Rollagraph embosser wheel $7.50
Sculpey blade - $2.00
Clay Roller - acrylic tube- $7.00
Ink - varies
Brass bracelet cuff - 3.50
Amaco Polymer Clay Oven - $60.00
with additional Sculpey oven thermometer $13.00
Work mat
Baby powder
Flitz - metal polish long wearing to reduce tarnish
A rubber glove
Fine grit wet sander or sand paper
Basin of water
Soft polishing cloth
Future Liquid Floor Polish
Fine Sponge - make sponge is good

You're welcome to work along with me as I make the bracelet or you can simply take notes and refer to the archive at a later time as you wish! I'll be offering a lot of special tips on how to handle this design to create a very nice quality piece of work!

Looking forward to sharing this tutorial with you!
Love to All,
Mona Hair
Producer and Host of The Jewelry Connection

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Lawrence said...

I'm sure my daughter will be interested in this tutorial. However, it's already too late for her to participate. I know that she has everything she needs in this project except a rubber glove and brass bracelet cuffs. If she knew about this ahead of time, I'm sure she would insist on calling the brass tube suppliers or brass supplier to order for brass supplies.

Thanks for sharing, Mona. I'll check back again for the same activities.