Saturday, August 14, 2010

Join The Jewels of Fall 2010 Collaboration of Artists!

You're Invited to join a video collaboration. It's that time of Year! Jewels of Fall!
Who's up for another video?? We did a fantastic presentation with last year's video. Once the submissions are all in, I'll create a presentation video for You Tube.
This has served us all very well for soft advertising! On September 26th..., Dr. Gail Devoid and I will host the video with all of it's contributors as our show at The Jewelry Connection!

I'm accepting submissions for Jewels of Fall 2010:
8-15-2010 through 9-19-2010.
What's needed:
!. a picture of your Jewel of Fall design
2. a picture of yourself to lead into your photo
3. a brief bio - name, city, state, country and web address
Please allow me to add the text information to your pictures.
Depending on how I pan and/or scan the shot, it might not be in the right place
if you have put the text there in advance! Also keep your photos as squarish as possible. Long rectangles vertical or horizontal do not work into a video very well.
Photo size requirements no smaller than 600x600 pixels. Anything larger is ok. It gives me more room to create a great video!

Send all submissions to
This invitation if for designers of one of a kind wearable art. Mass Produced items are not represented by this video collaboration.
We had a great world wide representation of artists last year! I'm looking forward to sharing this project with you all!
Group Moderator
Producer and Host of The Jewelry Connection

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