Sunday, December 14, 2008

What the Heck is Twitter? An answer for????

Imagine, building a network of people that you can share with instantaneously! Search for people with similar interests! Share comments, ideas, triumphs, failures, family news.
I recently signed up over at Twitter hoping to share news of my on-line radio talk show and bring new viewers/listeners inn to hear interviews and reviews of work with independent jewelry designers from around the globe.
After a couple of days of Twittering my head began to digest the ramifications of what I was observing there.
1. Yes, networking possiblities exist
2. Marketing possibilities...I don't know. I hate spam and delete delete delete regardless of it's venue of entry into my life. I prefer to seek out what I want. I despise being hammered continuously with people shouting buy here, buy here, buy here! Media hammers me enough already. A couple of promos per day I can tolerate and may even find interesting, but more than that and I believe I'll be inclined again to delete delete delete...and stop following. It's not always a numbers game. It's a matter of having something of value to offer, and helping seekers find what they are searching for...not pounding them with it until they run for cover.
3. Outside of commerce and it's dubious possibilities through this venue other ideas began to digest. What is this a symptom of? People from around the world twittering and sharing even subtle things in their I'm making coffee, I'm sick, my child is ill, I just got a paper cut, I'm making a new jewelry design, I'm blogging on how to be successful....the content runs on and on....some personal, some business related.

What does this mean?
Has the world become so productivity oriented that we, as people, have become lonely for human contact? Do we need interpersonal relationships with tweets that are missing in real time because we are so damned busy trying to make a living? Is our society so productivity oriented toward success, money, prestige, competition, appearance, pretention, having stuff, doing stuff, that we no longer have time to walk down the street and converse with the neighbors? What are the names of your neighbors? Not of the entire street! Just the ones to your left and your right?
How about getting together with friends for a dinner? Inviting folks over for a pot luck? Meeting with pals for Coffee and Brioche on a Saturday morning?
We are hungry for people....not just for sales. We want to talk about even the mundane with someone who will listen objectively, supportively, and reciprocate in kind.

I see Twitter as an avenue for sustaining those of us who are obsessed with success. To be successful requires 24 hour dedication and leaves no time for socializing. I have to actually work at it to find time to interact with friends and loved ones.
Working 16-20 hours per day leaves no life remaining to Be.
Twitter is a fast fix communication with some super fine people who have similar interests! It's a fix ... an injection of relationship, friendship, human interaction, into an otherwise lonely day.
Someday, if I ever become successful enough that I don't have to work so hard, I have dreams of moving back into a world where people do things outside of a studio, office, garage, where all of my hours of the day are consumed today. While I love what I do....I am lonely. Twitter makes me feel better and that's a good thing.

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