Wednesday, December 31, 2008

Valentine's Day Designs - Request for Submissions!

2009 Valentines Day Video Submits
If you're an independent jewelry artisan and would like to join me in the 2009 Holiday extravaganza video presentation for Valentine's Day, please submit your pictures! Keep reading!Your photos need your website location. You can add those to the description if you like, and I'll add them to your photos for you!DEADLINE FOR SUBMISSIONS IS JANUARY 18TH,2009 - up to 5 submissions allowed per artistThe photos will be reviewed during my live radio talkshow event on the afternoon of January 18th!So having your information available for sharing with the audience will be very important if you want your work to be found!
Send your photos to me at: with VDay Submission in the subject line of your email. In your email, include your name, city, and state so that I can announce them during the Live presentation of your submissions!
Photos need to be at least 300dpi resolution and no smaller than 450 x 450 pixels. Larger is better. I can always resize. Pictures need a nice border of surround so that they may present well in video form.
As I mentioned, submissions will be reviewed "LIVE" for my on-line radio talk show audience, which ranges between 3000 and 8000 listeners every Sunday afternoon. The video will be posted to YouTube, and a copy will remain as free soft advertising in my broadcast room until after the Valentines Holiday! There will be two copies made of the video. One with background music and one without. The broadcast room has music playing almost 24/7 so I use silent videos in the broadcast room. You Tube Fans get cranky when there's not music or background, so I make one for them as well, with sound! Please Join me in this wonderful soft marketing adventure!
Warmest Regards,Mona
****To review videos of previous events visit: The Holiday Videos we produced for the Christmas Holiday Season of 2008 were a huge hit and did impact sales at websites in a very positive way! The submissions were so numerous that we produced Volume 1 and Volume 2 for this event!
To visit the home page of my on-line radio talk show The Jewelry Connection visit here:
To visit the broadcast room visit here: Slide the Open Audio bar to the far left upon entering the broadcast room. Hit F5 on your keyboard to reset the broadcast room if videos won't load from the media files. F5 usually fixes anything that isn't functioning properly for you! Click on the media tab at top left in the broadcast room to open a double panel of videos and pictures that are already viewable there!
Mark it on your calendars! The show will "GO LIVE" on January 18th at 12pm PST, 2pm CST, or 3pm EST depending on where you are in the US. In the Broadcast room of The Jewelry Connection - link listed above. You can watch and listen to the show without doing anything except showing up. If you want to participate with live text chat, you'll need a user id which takes less than 30 seconds, and can be acquired at It is also possible to phone into the show if you want to call in to comment, by clicking on the Call Show button and following the system instructions. Please remember to turn down your computer audio if you call in! Thanks!
This presentation is occuring on the deadline date for submissions. The finished video will be released during the following week and will appear at It will be available in the broadcast room and at Youtube until after Valentine's Day. I'll hosting a review of the finished video in the broadcast room on January 25th, just before Dr. Gail Devoid starts her tutorial presentation.


Tonni said...

So many fabulous things...and that heart bracelet....GORGEOUS!!

Mona Designs said...

Hey! Tonni! Thank you for stopping in to comment!