Saturday, December 27, 2008

The Valentines Day Collaborative Project

The Holiday Christmas Jewelry Extravaganza video was a big hit so I'm planning to do it again for Valentine's Day.
You are invited to submit photos of Valentines Day romance themed jewelry for the new video. Submit up to five photos per person! If there are enough pictures, I'll produce more than one video. Make sure your website address is embedded on your picture in bold letters that do not encroach on the jewels.
Submission deadline is January 18. Release date for the video at Youtube is January 25th. This will allow for early exposure and allow for potential clients to hook up with those who have submitted work, order their Valentine's jewels and receive them in time for the big day! The video will be featured in the broadcast room of the Jewelry Connection. On January 18th the program will be devoted to announcing the video and a review of submissions will be done during the show.Minimum size on photos in jpg form must be at least 450 pixels. If they are larger, please don't resize. I prefer to do it myself in order to put jewels at their best advantage in video form.Looking forward to collaborating with you on this!
If you don't know how to add text to your photographs, send me the pics with your website and full name. I'll do it for you! No fees are involved in this collaborative project!
Send your submissions to

Happy New Year!
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