Sunday, December 28, 2008

The Calendar of Events for The Jewelry Connection

I've created a yahoo group called "The Jewelry Connection Now Live" to manage events scheduled for The Jewelry Connection - radio talk show for and about independent jewelry artisans! The location is here:
I have to approve requests to join in order to keep the spammers out. Please pardon me for that! I initially want to leave this as an open group but that doesn't work.
There are rare emails out of this group. A couple a week. The calendar of events is open for you to review when you wish, but I also have special events set up so that reminder notices go out five or six days in advance of an event, and then again 24 hours before the event.
You're welcome to join this group if you want to stay updated on what's going to be going "LIVE" in the broadcast room and when!
Best to All!
Producer and Host of The Jewelry Connection

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