Saturday, April 25, 2009

Your Day of Joy - A Wedding Jewelry Collaborative

12 independent jewelry artists from around the globe have joined in collaboration to celebrate "Your Day of Joy". A presentation video devoted to the Bride. From across the USA, Scotland, Australia, and England, designers have submitted their own original one of a kind design work to be presented in this video. In addition to the lovely design work of these talented and distinguished artists, some have offered more than photos. Cathy Kent Johnson of the UK also submitted pictures of English churches! Sonia of Gioia Mia submitted pictures of Brides and Grooms. Sonia also offered for use one of her husbands original Scottish compositions in which he is also featured as the musician. Title of this this original piece of work is "Heritage". It's the opening music for the video and I'm very grateful for this lovely and moving addition. It brought happy tears to my eyes as I played it over and over again, trying for just the right placement of photos. I contributed another piece of music titled "First Love's Linger" to follow up. It's quite a lengthy video as videos go, but there's something lovely to hear and see with every moment that passes, so I hope you'll find this video enjoyable in every way. All of the designers have their website, name, and location if possible, noted on their photos. We all do independent commissioned work and welcome your contacts! Love to All!----------------------Mona
April 26th, 2009 the pictures, bios, ect will be presented during a LIVE broadcast of The Jewelry Connection! Show time is 12pm PST, 2pm CST, 3pm EST. In Europe show time is at 9pm except the UK-8pm.

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