Wednesday, May 13, 2009

Meet Guest Artist Ileana Munteanu Live May 17th

More than a year ago The Jewelry Connection radio talk show started up it's first episode of it's program, with the idea that many might like to meet and get to know independent artists of wearable art. Those artist's, without this venue, might never be found by large numbers of seekers of inspired wearable art! Sixteen months later, we are revisiting the very first artist who appeared "Live" on the show! Ileana Munteanu of Brooklyn, NY. Ileana is a very fine artist who creates one of a kind wearable art in gemstones, glass, pearls, leather, and very finely beaded hand work that is sold in her online boutique as well as a gallery in New York. I'm looking forward to sharing Ileana's interview with you "LIVE" where/when we will have an opportunity to see what magic her muse has wrought in the past year! New pictures, new work, new information, and a terrific sharing experience is to be had by all.
Dr. Gail Devoid (co-host) and I, will be sharing Ileana's Live interview in the broadcast room of the new site of The Jewelry Connection
Show Time: 12pm PST, 2pm CST, or 3pm EST in the USA
Show Time: in Europe - 9pm for most and 8pm in the UK
Just click on the link for The Jewelry Connection or the title of this blog entry to be transported directly to the broadcast room.
To participate in the discussion portion of the interview you can either call in with Skype with my id: mona77401 or you can sign up at the new site with a user id and enjoy live texting, webcam access, and mic!
Home page for the new site is where you can create a membership!
Looking forward to seeing you there!
Best to All!

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