Tuesday, April 21, 2009

Wire Wrapping Session with Mona - Play Time! Join Me!

On April 26th, Mona is going to offer some brief tutorial information and practice with lots of one on one help with wire wrapping. I'll be helping answer questions about how to keep from breaking your wire, and anything else I can help you with to make your attempts more successful! I'll also offer suggestions for books and offer links to websites on the net that offer free and for fee tutorials!
Show time is as usual, 12pm PST, 2pm CST, 3pm EST in the US
Show time in Europe is 9pm except in the UK where show time is 8pm
Have some wire available to play with and join me! I'll spend a good long time helping you sort things out!
What you'll need to play:
1. wire 18 or 20 gauge craft wire - at least 1 foot
2. wire 26 or 28 gauge craft wire - at least 4 feet
3. an object to be wire wrapped (cabochon, button, piece of smooth glass)
4. a wire cutter
5. a fine tip permanent marker
6. a soft fabric measuring tape or piece of non-stretch string(failing all else a
strip of paper to use for measuring)
7. some time....this will not be a fast and furious show. I'll spend as much time as needed helping participants work through a single technique/project and offer some tips on how to handle wire to keep it from breaking in the middle of a piece of work. When selecting your object to wire wrap please do not choose a large object. It will take to long to wrap. Choose something no more than 1 to 2 inches in diameter.
8. Safety glasses or some type of glass is a good idea to protect your eyes from the wire!
Until you learn this technique I advise against using precious metal wire.
After a few hours of practice with this you will easily be able to move from practice wire to finer components, but don't rush it! More practice delivers a finer result and the practice pieces very quickly start looking really good!

To participate at the new home of The Jewelry Connection you'll need a user id and password. It's free and it's fast. Just grab a user ID at Live Video
Or----you can skype me at mona77401 to ask questions!

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sandi said...

This wire wrap class sounds like fun and I sure need alot of help. How do I get to see this class?
Your friend,