Friday, April 10, 2009

The Jewelry Connection is Moving

Greetings Artisans and Friends!
After a great deal of contemplation, deliberation, and research The Jewelry Connection is planning a move to be effective immediately. I'm very excited about the new site. Everything that wasn't working or that changed in a negative direction at the old home site has been re-established and even enhanced!
Here's how it breaks down in functionality!
1. Video Clarity - superior quality
2. Sound - stereo quality
3. Archived Shows - YES THEY"RE BACK! archives expire and are deleted in 7 days,
but you can download them before they expire and the archives are in video and
sound(not just sound)!!! So grab them within a week of the show and you can save
them permanently!
4. Functionality - no adjustments to make to the sound on entering the broadcast
5. Navigation - Easier in every way for visitors to navigate
6. A video/sound Podcaster of extremely nice quality is available that can be
implanted where you want them, and when the show is not live videos of many
previous guest artists continuously rotate through the podcaster, not just
7. You can Skype the show for free - no phone fees - and text live in the chat room!
To Call in: Skype me at mona77401

The new location offers a venue that we can be proud of in our journey toward sharing artisans and their work with the public. The size and quality of the video screen in the broadcast room is good enough to allow for some excellent tutorial opportunities and several other functions of this new broadcast room are superior to our original home.
Change is not easy. The show's been running at for over a year. We've learned a lot about running a show there and it's been an incredible experience. It's about to get even better! Please join me at the new location!
Location of the new home of The Jewelry Connection is as follows.
Broadcast room:
Home Page:

Show Time will not be changing! Every Sunday afternoon at 12pm PST, 2pm CST, or 3pm EST in the USA.
If you're in Europe: show time is 9pm except in the UK where show time is 8pm

Please help spread the word about the move!
Thank you for your ongoing support of the show.
Producer and Host of The Jewelry Connection
An on-line radio talk show for and about independent jewelry artisans with live video!

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