Sunday, January 03, 2010

How To Join The Valentines's Day Jewelry Show and Video

Hi Everyone!
Our fans our loving our seasonal jewelry shows and videos! I know we just finished one project, but Valentine's day isn't far away and to get the jump on potential sales for that day we are going to have to move fast. I am Planning the Jewels of Love show in the broadcast room of The Jewelry Connection for the 24th of January.

I'll need submissions of your work in a Valentine's day (LOVE) theme by January 17th, so that I'll have time to get the video ready!

You can submit up to 4 items for the video and jewelry show. Here is what I need:
1. Photos of your work up to 4 designs
2. photo size no less than 600x600 pixels and no more than 900 x 900
3. name, website, city, state,
4. personal photo (of you working, with your family, with your pet)
I need personal photos to make this a human interest story so please don't be shy with your photos. Your photos of yourselves create an important bond with your viewers and fan basis!

***send your pictures and information to

Looking forward to working with you all on this project!
Happy New Year!

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