Sunday, September 20, 2009

Prepping for the Holiday Jewelry Show - Instructions and Requirements

Greetings everyone!
My co-host Dr. Gail Devoid and I are in the midst of planning for a jewelry show that will showcase jewelry for the Holiday Season
Target Date for the Show is November 15th, 2009. Location will be the broadcast room of The Jewelry Connection. It will be a live show offering holiday jewelry designs by independent artistans, their website locations, and their general locations around the globe.

Here are the details for submissions:
1. The jewelry may be in any medium-in a Holiday Theme and must be one of a
kind wearable art by an independent jewelry artist. No mass produced designs will be
2. You may offer up to four submissions per artist
3. Photos must be minimum of 600x600 pixels and no more than 900x900 pixels.
Photos need to be in a square shape. Rectangle shaped photos do not display well via this
venue. It's not a juried show. Be as creative as you like with props offer a feel of The Holidays!
I also need one picture of the artist. People feel a more personal connection when they can
put all of the information with the face of the artist. Remember..we are entertaining viewers!
This show must carry a human interest story presence.
4. I need to have submissions for this video and Jewelry Show presentation by November 1st, 2009.

I'll debut the video presentation on YouTube November 14th or 15th.

I'll need:
Name, State, Personal photo, Picture of your offering(s), and website location! Make sure it's a design(s)s that will be available for sale at your website during and right after the show ok!? that folks excited by the event will have an opportunity to visit and make purchases while the presentation is still fresh and new in their minds! On previous shows viewers have literally opened another browser tab and purchased what was being shown before the show was over so have your offerings ready to view in your point of sales locations being offered with your profile during the show.

Let's enchant our fans with the best Holiday Jewelry they have EVER seen!

Send submissions by November 1st to with Holiday Jewelry in the Subject Line

Best To All
Mona Hair
Producer and Host of The Jewelry Connection
An on-line radio talk show for and about Independent Jewelry Artists.
Skype User ID: Mona77401
Phone Number for The Jewelry Connection - (1) 832-397-6317

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