Tuesday, March 31, 2009

Wedding Jewelry Show - Another Collaborative

With two really great collaborative video projects behind me, one for Christmas 2008 and another for Valentines Day 2009, I'm gathering artisans of one of a kind jewelry designs for a Wedding Jewelry Presentation. Not only am I creating a presentation video of wedding jewelry that will post to YouTube, but during my radio talkshow on the internet, I'll actually do a show on the Jewelry, including brief bios on each designer and a display of each individual contribution. Artists are welcome to join the show and talk about their own work, or I'll do it for you with my co-host if you can't make the show!

My target date to finish this project and start promoting it is May 1st. That
means I need Photos by April 24th to begin working on the video! It's
going to be posted at Youtube and shared with the broadcast room of The
Jewelry Connection just in time to garner interest from potential
clients for all of those wonderful spring and summer weddings! This
could include bride's maids jewelry as well! If the response is as big
as some of the other projects it could even work into 2 videos! Let's
see where it goes! People who are contributing to these videos are
experiencing increased traffic at their sites!

Home Page for The Jewelry Connection is http://www.nowlive.com/mona77401
Broadcast Room for The Jewelry Connection is http://www.nowlive.com/showid/63074
look for the little yellow letters that read OPEN AUDIO and slide the open audio bar to the far left to resolve streaming audio issues when you enter the broadcast room!

If you're interested in joining me in this new project please contact me!
What I need from you to create the presentation:
1. submit pictures with your name, location, and website in condensed bold
letters, large enough to easily read. The best font I have found for this
application is: Myriad Web Pro Condensed (this is a Font)
If you don't have this font, I'll add your information to your pictures for you!
2. minimum size for jpgs is 500x500 pixels. Larger is ok. I can always re-size
down without loss of resolution, but enlarging small pictures creates a profound
loss in clarity. Higher resolution images are better...like the ones directly
from a digital camera set to "fine".
3. send your pictures to me and I'll get them in the line-up for the video!
Please send your pictures to mhair [!at] pdq.net
I'll be creating a file for all contributing artists.
Also send me a short bio about yourself that I can present during the release of
the video!
There will be a SHOW featuring the release of the video. Individual pictures and bios of artists will be presented as an actual Wedding Show. All artists are encouraged to attend the show and participate, but it isn't mandatory.
The show is being run with Skype now. The download is free, the calls are free,
and the sound quality is superior to anything I've done in the past! Calling
into the show with Skype does require ear phones. Cheap ones that plug into the
back of the computer work great! If you can't attend the show or don't want to, I'll present your pictures and bio for you with my Co-host Dr. Gail Devoid.

Tips for Photos:
Necklaces that are in the round with lots of space in the center don't work very
well. If they can be displayed in a more compact arrangement I can bring them up
with a zoom for a closer view. If they are spread out I can't offer viewers a
closer look at the work.

When composing shots of your jewelry, take the pictures with a bit of open
surround space, with the jewelry in the center. This open space in the
background allows me to pan and zoom to create an impression of motion rather
than a series of still shots and gives the viewer a far away view as well as a
closeup. If you watch some of the videos I've already created, you'll see what
is happening when I pan and zoom. The photo composition very much dictates how
much or little I can do with it, artistically, from a video point of view.
This is a bridal show! Don't be afraid to break the rules when it comes to
presentation. Use a swag of lace, some orchids, a necklace draped over a tiara,
some lilies or anything else that adds a sense of romance to the pictures.
The video is meant to create romance, ambiance, and intrigue. These kinds of
pictures are not the same kind of pics one might necessarily shoot for
presenting at a website/point of sale. The more inviting the pictures are, the
more likely a potential client is to actually go and visit your website to find
out more about the design. That's where your other pictures and your item
descriptions will do the job of selling! There will be those who submit pictures
that they have had saved from shop submissions and I'll have to use whatever I
get, but if you want to shine, get me pictures that will Wow the crowd!
If you've heard from me, I probably already like the pictures you have on display and consider them suitable for the presentation.

Let me know if you have any other questions! This is fun and easy.
I do the bulk of the work. I just need pictures that thoroughly ID the designer, with name, location, and website plus a short bio.
The response to previous collaborative events of this type
have been very favorable. We did a show like this for Christmas 2008, for
Valentines Day 2009. You Tube watchers Loved them and they got lots of action in
the Broadcast Room as well! You can see those videos at http://www.youtube.com/mona77401

It is possible for me to collect your pictures from your website, add your information to your pictures and even collect the bio you have on display in your profile, but I need your permission to do that.
Producer and Host of The Jewelry Connection
http://www.nowlive.com/showid/63074 - Broadcast Room
http://www.nowlive.com/mona77401 - Home Page of The Jewelry Connection

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