Sunday, March 12, 2006

Introducing Mona Designs

Welcome to Mona Designs..... Where color, texture, light, dimension, and mechanical composition evolve from moment to moment in an exciting and experimental way!

Most days you will find me in a pair of well worn jeans and a cotton t-shirt because they are don't flame up if hot glass pops onto them. Hair in a pony tail and a furrow of concentration between my brows, I concentrate on lots of small details and the safety aspects of my work.

An Introduction to My Multi-Media Approach:
The "Pear Corsage Brooch", seen above, is an excellent
example of how I mix media to produce original wearable art. The leaves and flowers are a combination of Russian and Venetian beaded work. Tiny glass beads are worked with wire to produce floral components. The glass pears are a product of lampwork at my torch. Combined, these elements fulfilled the dream of a client residing in England.
The piece of work measured about 4 inches in height. The pear blossoms and leaves have an intriguing, slightly posable quality. This allows the wearer to adjust, to a minor degree, position of the components. A pin clasp is mounted at back, and high in the composition. This allows for balance and also for ease of use for the wearer. Contrast in color, texture, and dimension bring hot glass and beaded work together in a lovely and exciting way. I accept commissions for this type of work! It takes weeks to design and produce a piece of this type of work. The pear brooch sold by commission for two hundred and fifty dollars.

This particular design, "Kumquat Fantasy", is a combination of French and Venetian beaded work combined with Austrian Crystal elements. This piece now resides in Florida and was purchased by a world renown jewelry designer. Working in a monochromatic palette(same color family), the tension of excitement comes from use of different textures (or perceived textures) in glass, combined with faceted crystals, to satisfy the eye's need to find symmetry, texture, color, and dimension. Matte and shiny textures combined in shades of tangerine, outlines of iridescence, juxtaposed to matte textures, get the idea by now I am sure! The eye demands to be entertained. When the eye perceives it's view as deficient in any becomes intellectually bored and the design falls short of making a connection with the viewer. The work of a designer must entertain, in a complex multi-level way, regardless of the medium or the design fails.

Lampworking Intro:
I have been working hot glass for about three years now. I have a kiln and a dual gas (Oxygen/Propane) torch setup. Glasses I use are imported Italian glass primarily from the Moretti line of glass. I keep a small inventory of Bullseye glass as well for the special colors. Although I am self taught, I am well read in the field and have lots of hours at the torch invested in my experience! The four shells were a great accomplishement for me! They are all larger focal sized shells. Learning to work color, texture, and dimension into hot glass is much more difficult than working those elements into any other medium.

Introduction to Polymer Clay Work:
A couple of months ago I began to experiment with polymer clay as potential components for my design work! There are some artists in my jewelry designing group who do wonderful polymer work and those artisans stimulated my interest to the degree that I had to take the plunge! Small brooches seen here are created with foiled polymer, then ornamented with caviar and crackers on one. Gouda cheese, grapes, and bread ornament another. A large collection of pastries and sweets on display here are all being prepared to produce more "Faux Food" wearable art jewelry! All that you are viewing are completely created of polymer. The shield brooch, at left, is four inches in length. It is a joy and a pleasure to work with Polymer Clay. If you are not familiar with this particular medium try a Google search on it! Articles depicting use of this medium in designing jewelry are appearing in fine publications such as, "Lapidary Journal" and "Art Jewelry". Polymer is making it's mark on the timeline of jewelry history. You really want an opportunity to experience this!

A link to my portfolio site is listed in the "About Me" section. There you can view many other designs in a wide range of mediums. I hope you find your visit stimulating as well as entertaining,!
Please fill free to leave comments or questions! Every effort will be made to give you the benefit of my experiences! Sincerely, Mona


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